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OUR PROJECTS A Sustainable Future:
Hempcrete 3D-Printed Affordable Housing
At Liberation Earth, Our Vision is to create a world where everyone has access to safe and sustainable housing. We envision a future where hempcrete and solar-powered 3D printing become the standard in affordable housing construction, fostering resilient communities and promoting environmental stewardship. Learn More

Cost-Effective Housing Solutions

Our approach to providing cost-effective housing solutions centers around harnessing innovative construction technologies like 3D printing and sustainable materials such as hempcrete. By automating the construction process and using locally sourced, affordable materials, we can significantly reduce labor and material costs, making homeownership more accessible for individuals and families in need.

Building Environmentally Friendly Houses

To ensure our homes are environmentally friendly, we prioritize the use of renewable energy sources, with a focus on solar power. Solar panels on each house not only reduce energy bills for residents but also contribute to a sustainable energy grid. Additionally, the use of hempcrete as a building material provides excellent insulation and reduces the carbon footprint of construction.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

We're committed to minimizing our carbon emissions by adopting a multi-pronged strategy. Our 3D printing technology produces less construction waste, and the use of hempcrete sequesters carbon, further reducing our environmental impact. By incorporating energy-efficient designs and renewable energy sources, we aim to create homes that are carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative, contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.



We are dedicated to revolutionizing the affordable housing sector by leveraging cutting-edge technology and sustainable materials. Our mission is to build eco-friendly homes using hempcrete, a renewable bio-composite material made from industrial hemp and lime, while utilizing solar-powered 3D printing technology to streamline the construction process. By doing so, we aim to provide affordable, safe, and environmentally conscious housing solutions to those in need, reducing homelessness and supporting sustainable communities.

Our commitment to revolutionizing the affordable housing sector extends beyond just the use of innovative materials and technology. It’s rooted in a broader vision of creating positive social impact and fostering sustainable communities.

Empowering Communities:

At the heart of our mission is a deep commitment to empowering communities and improving the lives of individuals and families in need. We firmly believe that access to safe and affordable housing is a fundamental right, and we are dedicated to making this a reality for as many people as possible.



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Our project aligns with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals due to its focus on eco-friendly and sustainable housing solutions